What will you be reading in 5 years?

And what will you be reading it on? The emergence of e-reading and web based publishing has evolved at a staggering rate. The major players on the stage:

E reader platforms:

Kindle, Nook, Papyrus, iPad- which will emerge as the standard platform for the next generation of readers?

Publishers and editors:

magazines have already adapted to the trend. Will traditional publishers be able to adapt in time to survive the new wave of digital reading?


Stone, Scrolls, ink, printing presses and websites- writers have always responded to advances in publishing. What opportunities, limitations, and potential does the new paradigm offer the writer


the age of print advertising is evaporating. How will marketing, targeting, and branding transform in the age of digital reading

and, most importantly…..


the reading public will decide the what and how. Will they settle on one of the prototype e-readers, demand greater integration of platforms, or stubbornly insist on the charms and conveniences of the printed word?

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