The Evo of the E-Reader

The emergence of e-reader technology seems to have happened overnight, but a digital revolution has been building in the shadows. Here is a quick breakdown on the major players and milestones that mark the road to a byte-sized future:

1971: Michael S Hart launches The GutenbergProject, (named after Johannes, not Steve) a pioneering attempt to bring the massive computers of the day into a device that be used as a desktop e-reader

1993- Bibliobytes introduces public domain books via the internet

1998– the first e-readers, Rocket ebook and SoftBook are released.

2006– Sony released the Sony Reader.

2007- Amazon launches the Kindle

2009- Barnes and Noble releases the Nook

2010- Apple’s iPad introduces a new vision of electronic reading

What’s the next step? As in all things, the consumer will decide.

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