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Plato’s Nightmare; or: Wake me when the Singularity is Here

I just started a book about blogging called Say Everything by Scott Rosenberg. He has compiled a history of the user-based phenomena that has defined the internet since its inception. It is a chronicle of its prime movers, the self-appointed emperors of small universes everywhere.

A story is told of one of the first people to use email to create networks, a software entrepreneur  named Dave Winer. The book has reproduced snippets of his original community emails, which happened to include Bill Gates in its original network. One line caught my attention:

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Ebooks, Amazonians, Models, Penguins, and Apples

The New Deal

This weekend the news came through that Penguin, who has hesitated to leap into the ebook market without a viable pricing model, had finally reached a deal with Amazon to sells its content on the Kindle. Despite the deal, the questions remain-

1) who is in control of this new industry and

2) will content need to conform to whatever limits the new industry presents?

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The Evo of the E-Reader

The emergence of e-reader technology seems to have happened overnight, but a digital revolution has been building in the shadows. Here is a quick breakdown on the major players and milestones that mark the road to a byte-sized future:

1971: Michael S Hart launches The GutenbergProject, (named after Johannes, not Steve) a pioneering attempt to bring the massive computers of the day into a device that be used as a desktop e-reader

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