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Price Points

I was browsing the new trade paperback tables at Barnes and Noble this weekend when I felt a strange desperation in the air. I worked in a B&N store for years, and I always take a moment to check out the shape of the sales floor. As I scanned the front of the main floor, I received the message, loud and clear: Barnes and Noble has a thing called the Nook and it is right here if you want to buy it. The Nook. Right over here. NOOK.

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The Evo of the E-Reader

The emergence of e-reader technology seems to have happened overnight, but a digital revolution has been building in the shadows. Here is a quick breakdown on the major players and milestones that mark the road to a byte-sized future:

1971: Michael S Hart launches The GutenbergProject, (named after Johannes, not Steve) a pioneering attempt to bring the massive computers of the day into a device that be used as a desktop e-reader

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What will you be reading in 5 years?

And what will you be reading it on? The emergence of e-reading and web based publishing has evolved at a staggering rate. The major players on the stage:

E reader platforms:

Kindle, Nook, Papyrus, iPad- which will emerge as the standard platform for the next generation of readers?

Publishers and editors:

magazines have already adapted to the trend. Will traditional publishers be able to adapt in time to survive the new wave of digital reading?

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