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Flash Forward

Out of the chaos of the web has emerged a cultural phenomenon that, on the surface, seems to contradict everything you would expect from a disorganized universe: brevity, clarity, and care. The phenomenon I’m talking about is flash fiction. This unique contraction of literature may change what we think of when we think about storytelling.

A rough sketch: the guidelines of what makes flash ficiton “flash” is determined by editorial preference. 1000  words or less is  ballpark number to look for, but some extend the paramaters at will.

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Supply and Demand

As the vast creative, manufacturing, marketing, and retailing apparatus that deals with the written word begins to accept the rising tide of electronic publishing, many interesting questions are being raised. The primary questions being: why do we make books, and how do we make money from the endeavor?

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Critical Mass and the Slush Pile from Hell

In a recent article on, Laura Miller expresses a sincere anxiety felt by everyone involved in publishing today. The fear is that unlimited digital freedom will lead to saturation. The overwhelming surge of independent publishing could drown the market in abundance, and – I’ll risk sounding condescending here- mediocrity. Another risk, of course, is that I am merely contributing to the din by posting my opinion on it at all. But the game is up- the din is here. The question is what to do with it.

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All About E’s

Although I spend a good amount of time visualizing the future of writing, reading, and publishing, I have yet to invest any real money into an e-reader. I’ve played around with all of the them, but have yet to find one that I like.

I see more people scanning their e-readers every day, but I have yet to join their ranks. My reasons are simple: I cannot write in the margins, which is a natural and lifelong habit that I refuse to break. I enjoy feeling how much I have read, or how much I have to go. I also stare at screens for most of my weekday hours and a bit of my leisure time, and any chance to discract myself from the various interfaces of digital life is refreshing and necessary.

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All the News that’s Fit to Upload

As writers and editors scramble to stake their claim in the open frontier of web publishing, the platform specialists are stepping in to change the game. The question of who will dictate the content and mediums of this virtual landscape has yet to be answered, which presents an exciting but sometimes confusing challenge for the writers and publishers of tomorrow. Continue reading

Novel Ideas on Boing Boing

Is the future of writing and reading fiction being revealed in a tech blog?

Writers have always adapted to their cultural environment. The era of poets dependent on aristocratic sponsors evolved into the age of mass production of entertainment fiction. At one point in history, the piers of New York harbor were crowded with devoted readers impatiently waiting for ships from London to deliver the fate of Little Nell. In time, the composed novel- and later, the short story- came to define writing and reading for the general public.

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Ebooks, Amazonians, Models, Penguins, and Apples

The New Deal

This weekend the news came through that Penguin, who has hesitated to leap into the ebook market without a viable pricing model, had finally reached a deal with Amazon to sells its content on the Kindle. Despite the deal, the questions remain-

1) who is in control of this new industry and

2) will content need to conform to whatever limits the new industry presents?

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